Friday, May 21, 2010

Done with School

If you look to the right, I started my portfolio blogspot with my artwork formatted nicely and neatly. Here are several illustrations that I did for my last semester at LCAD.


Sylvia Liu said...

hii minh! these are so cute lol nice work :D

Taurus said...

Recently stumbled across your blog while looking for Secret of Mana artwork. I've seen all the SOM-inspired work you've posted here...and I'm completely blown away.

It's shocking to me that you don't have hundreds of people commenting on your outstanding art. I just wanted to let you know how impressive it all is!

From one SOM fan to another,

Minh Phan said...

Hey Taurus,

I appreciate your comment about my Secret of Mana work. I don't really advertise myself on forums or other people's blogs, so my work is not well known. Hopefully, I can manage my time better to post more work. Thank you for leaving a comment about my work.